Our Consultation Service

Due to its location, Turkey, whose membership in the European Union is being negotiated, is a country preferred by companies with foreign capital for making their investments.

Apart from trade investments, Turkey, due to its natural and historical beauties, is also a country of great interest for real estate investors.

Egin Law Office offers both legal and consultancy services needed by both commercial and real estate investors in Turkish, English, German and Dutch languages. You can find detailed information about these services in the following sections

Real Estate Consultancy

Due to its natural and historical beauties, Turkey has become one of the most important and tempting centers for foreign purchasers of property. Our Law Office renders the following ...

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Consultancy for Companies

In respect of support needed by natural and legal persons, who want to conduct business in Turkey, Egin Law Office is capable of offering consultancy and legal services in many languages. ...

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