Consultancy for Companies

In respect of support needed by natural and legal persons, who want to conduct business in Turkey, Egin Law Office is capable of offering consultancy and legal services in many languages.

Our Law Office offers the following services within the scope of Consultancy for Companies;

  1. To determine the most suitable company type, which will be needed by investors when entering Turkish commercial life,

  2. To prepare the Articles of Association for the determined company,

  3. To follow-up and fulfill all procedures in notary public, Chamber of Commerce and tax offices required at each stage of company foundation,

  4. To register the founded company in the Chamber of Commerce, and to prepare and submit the ledgers,

  5. To follow-up the correspondence with the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade after the foundation of the company,

  6. To apply, follow-up and to carry out all procedures for obtaining work permit for foreigners which is given by the Ministry of Labour,

  7. To register in the Chamber of Commerce all resolutions delivered by the Board of Partners / Shareholders of the Company,

  8. To fulfill all operations related to capital increase,

  9. To prepare all kinds of commercial agreements,

  10. To render services on dissolution of the company.