Egin Law Office offers advocacy service and legal consultancy services to natural and legal persons.

In today's economical terms alongside with the quality and reliability of services received by the clients, affordability of the fee is also an important issue.

Charging, which is applied for the services demanded from our Law office, is fully performed within pre-determined criterions. This is important for avoiding surprises for our clients in the process of charging.

You can find detailed information about the charging issue in "Legal Procedures" and "Consultancy for Companies" sections given below.

For Consultation Services

In modern business life, professional support both at the stage of company foundation and in the process of ordinary activities of the company has become a necessity. In today's professional ...

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For Legal Services

Our Law Office will be with you in the process of realization and follow-up of legal representation and legal actions needed by all natural and legal persons. Charging of legal services ...

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