The Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is a document, which is issued in the name of a proxy by the person, who wants to give the power of attorney, which bears the signature of the proxy giver, and which is certified in the notary public or in the consulates having the notarial power. By the power of attorney, the client authorizes his/her proxy for acting in his/her name, or for applying for the required procedures, signing application documents and performing their follow-up.

If attorneys do not have the power of attorney given by their clients, they cannot take actions in the name of their clients, cannot represent them, and cannot make the required applications for defending their interests in judicial and administrative authorities.

The content of the power of attorney varies in accordance with the purpose of its issue. The power of attorney given for conducting business follow-up must contain all actions to be performed and give explicit power to the proxy. Advocatory powers of attorney have standard content represented in a fixed form available in the notary's office.

Within the following subsections, you will find detailed information on such issues as giving the power of attorney, how and in which institutions the powers of attorney can be issued; besides, after looking through the samples of the power of attorney, you will be able to have the idea about the content of the power of attorney you want to give.

How to Issue

The powers of attorney provided for advocates in Turkey must be issued in the notary's office in the territory of Turkey or in consulates of foreign countries. Apart from these institutions, ...

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Information on the Power of Attorney

Here you will find information which you will provide to the notary's office, to the consulate notary's office or to a foreign notary's office, which will issue the power of attorney in the ...

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