How to Issue

The powers of attorney provided for advocates in Turkey must be issued in the notary's office in the territory of Turkey or in consulates of foreign countries. Apart from these institutions, foreign citizens can also issue the power of attorney in the name of the attorney they want in notaries of the country they live in, yet for the power of attorney issued in a foreign notary's office to be valid in Turkey, it must contain the apostil seal, which is a requirement of the international La Haye convention. The power of attorney which contains the signature of the client, but which is not certified in the Turkish notary's office, or in the consulate, or in the foreign notary's office with apostil, will not be valid in Turkish Legislative System and cannot be used as the power of attorney.

For notaries, consulates or foreign notaries to be able to issue advocatory powers of attorney, you must submit to the notary public the Turkish Republic identity card number of the attorney you want to give the power of attorney to, his / her address and the bar he / she is related to.

Advocatory power of attorney is a document, which gives general authority to the attorney, who can represent the client in judicial and administrative authorities and also perform all required applications in the name of the client.

In the Turkish legislative system, the power of attorney, which authorizes the proxy to sell vehicles or property belonging to the client and which authorize the proxy to submit divorce suits, must contain the photograph of the proxy giver, for this reason in order give such a power of attorney, you will need at least two photographs, which must be brought to the notary's office.