Enforcement Law

Enforcement Law is a branch of law regulating the system of follow-up and collection of receivables provided by court orders issued by courts, notarized agreements with the acknowledgement of debts, which stand for court orders, as well as documented or undocumented receivables.

Within the scope of Enforcement Law, our office renders the following services;

  1. Implementation of executive procedures regarding the execution of court orders,

  2. Preparation of notarized contracts with definite acknowledgement of debts and its follow-up in execution offices,

  3. Initialization of execution procedures for recovering money under valuable papers (securities) such as checks and bonds,

  4. In case of objections to executive proceedings, we conduct cases for revoking the objections both in enforcement courts and ordinary courts,

  5. Protection of your legal rights in case of executive proceedings against you, performing the required objections, and, if necessary, commencement and execution of lawsuits for establishment of a negative fact.