For Consultation Services

In modern business life, professional support both at the stage of company foundation and in the process of ordinary activities of the company has become a necessity. In today's professional business life, where "I can do everything by myself..." principle is not acute any more, our Law Office will always be with you in the process of preparation of the Articles of Association of your company, registration of the company in the related Chamber of Commerce, performing all procedures in connection with amendments to be made in the shareholder and company structure, and also in the process of settlement of all disputes occurred between your company and the clients, first, by means of conciliation, and if it is not possible, then by means of taking legal actions.

In order to provide consultancy services that your company needs, first, we must be informed about the issues, which need our interference, as well as about the main topics. After obtaining this information, a detailed and comprehensive offer of charging prepared by us will be submitted to your company for assessment. This offer, which is submitted to you, will include all main points determined during the preliminary meeting carried out with your company. According to this, our offer can contain only the price offer for the work demanded as well as provide fixed monthly price in case your company prefers to work with our Law office regularly. Apart from this, there is always an opportunity of charging by means of another method in the framework of work peculiarities and parties' mutual agreement.