Procedural actions in a divorce lawsuit filed on the basis of legal grounds within the limits of legal provisions contained in the Domestic Court section of Turkish Civil Law is ruled in accordance with Turkish Code of Civil Procedure 6100. Turkish Code of Civil Procedure regulates issues such as how a civil justice procedure should be commenced; how the procedures should be completed during proceedings and how long should it take to complete said procedures.

Therefore; once the divorce lawsuit is filed; the lawsuit petition submitted to Antalya Domestic Court by the claimant party is sent to the defendant party by means of notification being covered from the advance on expenses deposited in the court's pay-office by the claimant.

The defendant who has been notified a divorce lawsuit petition issued by a divorce lawyer is imposed a legal obligation to submit their defence of action and submit all their evidence in writing within 14 days. In the event of that the 14-day period given for replying to such lawsuit petition falls on a weekend or another official holiday; such period is extended until the end of the work hours of the following work day. In the event of that the defence of action is not submitted until the end of such period, it results in loss of right for the defendant.

In the event of that the defendant does not submit their defence of action and list of evidence within this14-day period, they are deemed to have rejected all of the claims put forward in the divorce lawsuit filed against them; however they lose their right to explain for what reason they have rejected the claims in such divorce lawsuit and to have their evidence examined.

Legal time periods are determined and it is not possible to get or be granted an extension of time. Majority of losses of right during juridical proceedings are due to missing legal periods of time. Missing legal periods of time due to simple procedural periods and losses of right caused by this situation may result in noncompensable damages in a delicate lawsuit like divorce. Therefore; that the lawsuit is conducted and legal proceedings are fulfilled by an expert divorce lawyer specialized in divorce lawsuits will be for the benefit of persons who seek justice. There are currently 8 domestic courts in Antalya province; therefore, in consideration of the work load of the courts, it is of major importance that your divorce lawsuit is conducted by a good divorce lawyer specialized in divorce lawsuits.